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CS 101 Week 11 Lecture Notes

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Communication Studies
Jeremy Hunsinger

Ghana: Digital Dumping Ground - One of the most polluted bodies of water in the world - University of British Columbia research - 13 year old boy named Alex – kids grow up fast - Burning plastic from old computers and TV’s - Hundreds of millions of tones each year - Scraps of iron to sell - Many of these electronics still contain the personal information of the previous owners – used for scams - Ghana one of the top sources of cyber crime in the world - Hong Kong – hundreds of millions of tones of old electronics shipped to this shadow of e-waste - E-waste is a big business in China - Tens of thousands of people working in a Chinese city in the toxic trade in 2001 – gotten worse - Women cooking circuit boards for gold – slowly poisoning themselves with lead fumes - Laws in place intending to stop e-waste - Too expensive to dispose of e-waste safely - Vietnam, Malaysia, Pakistan = digital dumping grounds - India is now generating its own e-waste thanks to a growing middle class - 330 000 tones of electronic waste from India - Gregory Bateson - Shadow work - Formal economy – the one that is shipping things to various places - Informal economy – people trying to make money out of processing things; stuff produced through hobbies - Not only hurting themselves, but their kids, grandkids, etc. - We use our communications system to enable injustice and legitimize our world - Everything
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