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Communication Studies
Mark Hayward

How To Problem Solve: Asking Critical Questions The 8 step process 1. Perspective  Consider your own positionality and standpoint, ie. The perspective from which you view things  Be aware of biases and limitations  Questions to ask: how am I looking at this problem? What part of the situation am I focused on? What does my perspective not address? 2. Objective  What is your ultimate objective in pursuing this question/situation/problem?  What am I trying to accomplish?  Questions to ask: what is the purpose of this essay/assignment/project, etc? what conclusions are we hoping to reach? Who will be affected by this study? Where will we look for answers? 3. The problem  Narrow the scope  Be specific  Questions to ask: what is the question I am trying to answer? Is the question clear? Is there a better way to ask the question? What kind of question is it? (so how will we approach this question?) 4. Information or fact finding  What kind of information?  Questions to ask: what kind of facts or information do I need in order to address this question? How do we know this information is accurate? Is this information relevant? What processes, services,
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