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Communication Studies
Carolyn Ensley

CS101 Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Group Discussion 3-4 TV shows: dexter, suits, family guy, breaking bad 3-4 MusicalActs: drake, dww, the black keys which are canadian - a couple. what values do they encourage you to support? - good things. what values do they encourage you do rebel against? - bad things. ▯ Canadian Structures/ Institutions They mediate our lives, and all have goals. (Institutions) Mediation: When something becomes between you and something/someone else. ▯ Who are our public broadcasters? ▯ Public Broadcasters - CBC - TVO - VisionTV - Aboriginal Provide elements of public sphere in CDN. Provide the CDN content that we are meant to watch. ▯ How are these interests formed? - CBC 5% market share. BBC - Model for public broadcasting. (CDN follows this) - 1930s: Inform, educate, entertain. - developing an idea of CDN, Cultural sovereignty. ▯ Cultural Sovereignty - Canadian and local ideals. - Main concern:Americanizing of the broadcasts. Cultural Policy is what we work within/through. - High/Low culture divide is hard to maintain with low populated areas. - 1960s: Pop culture became more intense ▯ Canadian Values: TV Tim Hortons ▯ Liberalize Media - make it more free. Promote markets above all else - they
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