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Communication Studies
Carolyn Ensley

CS101 Tuesday, October 1, 2013 ▯ Audiences - CDN (Top 10) press freedom rankings in the world. - Last year we were top 20. - When press freedom goes down, we are less informed about critical things going on. - Gov’t of these institutions are intervening on what stories can be told. - Just means we have less access to variety of opinions. - Social Media - Facebook, Twitter (social internet media) - TV is now individualized (used to be social) - Newspapers/Magazines used to be social (now can be accessed over internet) - Reading was considered a social activity. - Now we read individually, not sharing opinions, we all have our own. ▯ - 1952: Stations on television in Canada (Canadian television system was born) - How it is structured - constructing other parts of the audience - Does the message make you empowered? motivated to act? - Canadian audience as a whole - is there a canadian audience? Regionalism (BC/NB) - Different stations/media for or in different regions - Showing certain things during certain times. - Class Operation: market and media treat different levels of class differently. - Class differentiation. - Broadcasters research to take full advantage and be more efficient. - Age - Demographics: Study of populations - who are they? characteristics? purchases? ▯ Models of Media Interaction - Direct Effects Model - Denies basic subjectivity (your own position in the argument/reality) - When I say something and you change. - Two Step Flow Model (Opinion Leader Model) - Getting the message from someone you respect - ex. Commercial with a doctor suggesting you buy a certain toothpaste. - Believing people that you think actually know things. - Gov’t use this model - Uses & Gratifications Model - Choose a media, you do it because you are gratifying some need. - When you satisfy one, you generate another one. - Theory: TV shows a
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