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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Carolyn Ensley

October 22, 2013 CS101 Lecture ▯ ▯ Digitization/ Globalization ▯ Powers of Ten (1977) Video - YouTube - About digitization on many levels - largest possible data set - everything. - miniature or galactic, we occupy the human size. - Helps us understand the size of data (on hard-drives) ▯ When Something is Digital - Fingers are digits, they are digital. - Compared with analog - Analog is about waves (sound, light) ▯ FM &AM Signals Waves transmit FM andAM - Frequency Modulation - Amplitude Modulation - Manipulation is changing the amount of waves (frequency), amplitude varied is from top to bottom. - Some people believe that analog sounds better. ▯ Distance depends on how far it will travel,AM will travel further than FM waves. Emails (technology/networks) are not the quickest ways to transmit data. - Radio defines geographic space. TV and radio waves. ▯ Digitization makes globalization hyperbolic - Accelerates at such a rate that it is beyond peoples comprehension on how it actually works. - Cheaper for hospitals to send out x-rays overseas and get sent back. - Treaty organizations & your data. ▯ AComputer Glossary - YouTube Clip ▯ - Can compute and determine different incoming projectiles. - Canada: RIM (Blackberry), have resources for computing industry but have not acted on it. - Not a huge institution in computing market place. - Process of writing by hand for your mind is different than when you type. - Overloading Corpus, you slow down. (using both hands and both eyes to do one task, ex. typing) - Canada: Global economic elite. - WTO/NAFTA/NATO/UN. provide stability in our world for relationships we have. - Bound by the treaty, laws must match them. October 22, 2013 CS101 Lecture Media: 3 Forms 1. Encounter: When you think about the text. 2. Governance: Means by which we govern other people. - Someone else is producing systems that affect our behaviour. External affects. 3. Brands in a Globalized Marketplace: Will go for brands that we recognize, and will buy its governance and its message. We are buying into the whole set. - All tied to production chains. Natural resources/recovered and to the final product. - Geographically placed, always has environment/economic effects. - Apple markets as environmentally friendly and recycled products. - Doesn’t make them an exception - Hard to nationalize and make in a unique place. - Isn’t the place where you’re paying - All related back to digitization/globalizat
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