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Lecture 6

CS101 - lecture note week 6

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Communication Studies
Jade Miller

OLD VS NEW MEDIA Newspaper and journalism as a lens: -the relationship between new technologies and institutions in society: *the importance of journalism ->what are some things we value about journalism? why is it important? ->can those things persist across media? -> if so what other systems can support them VS *The importance of newspapers ->what is the essence of newspaper: its content or form? ->what is relationship between content and form? ->are free commuter newspaper the successors of traditional newspapers or something else entirely overall, journalism is not dead but will appear in different places 8/10 people still read papers printed content is more popular, about double readers migrate between print and websites readership for paid dailies is nearly twice that of free dailies in most markets TECHNOLOGICAL SHIFTS "organizational forms perfected for industrial production have to be replaced with structures optimized for digital data" -> all info goes from physical to digital Manuscripts to books: -1400s, transition... as soon as printing press was invented.. books didn't all just start to get printed the way people thought and access info changed, knowledge was housed in manuscripts fews words a page, wrote by monks, every part of process broken down mostly just monks had access to the books CURRENT BOOK STRUCTURE enable us to find quickly author pulisher year length, by pages structure often specific content via an index BOOKS AS COMMODOTIES: ADULTS AS SCHOLARS, CHILDREN AS INDIVIDUALS: -ability to question bible, not have to rely on churches interpretation of it, -knowledge is to be acquired as aposed to have to go through a specific body to get it -accessed freely -reading in silence -can acquire knowledge to enrich your life -changed relationship to news - changed children as individuals, NEIL POSTMAN: BIRTH OF CHLDHOOD -prior to printing, all humans communication occurred in social conext. even such reaing as was used as its modl the oral mode, the reader speaking -WE MAY see then that the printing press gave us ourselves, as unique indiduals, to think and talk about. this intensified sense of self was the seed that led eventually to the flowering of childhood -it could not have HAROLD INNIS -new communications technologies alter *what is thoght about *what is thoigh with *where thoights develope PRINTING-> THE BOOK pagination indexing annotation cross referencing section heads paragraphs title pages running heads Ie the typographic form THE BOOK -all thought in one plac on particular topic -accessible -intelligible -internally consistent -integrating ideas compiling subject in a boo
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