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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

Final Exam Notes Mass Communications 3757KHQWHUQHWpushpull model some of the control in the communication process shifts to the receiverpush media messages sent to the receiver withwithout prior consent voice recording in grocery store that encourages youto buy something specific pull media messages requested by the receiver radio because you are able to turn onoffQIOXHQFHRIWKHQWHUQHWTechnological convergence melding of print electronic and photographic media into digitalized form Iinternet site where an institution establishes its web presencemilitary communication system created in 1969early internet carried mostly textCyber prefix for human connection via computersWilliam Gibson sicfi writer who coined the term cyberspace QWHUQHW7HFKQRORJIn 1947 semiconductors were created by Bell labs silicon chips that are used in digitizationCompression technology that makes a message more compact by deleting nonessential underlying code in 1965 ARPANET military network that preceded internet in 1969 in 1983 National Science Foundation developed current internet to give scholars access to supercomputers Internet a network of computer networksinternet2 a network consortium owned by research intuition for fast data transferoccurred since the internet had become clogged with trafficDark fiber excess telecommunication capacity available for data transferInternet service providers company that charges a fee for online servicesTim BernersLee decided protocols codes for World Wide Web in 1991 addressing system that could connect every computer in the world World Wide Web system that allows global linking of information modules in userdetermined sequences built on 3 components 1 URL universal resource locators address assigned to a page on the internet 2 HTTP hypertext transfer protocol coding that allows computers to talk with each other to read web pages3 HTML hypertext markup language language that is used to code for web pages Hypertext system that would allow people to interrupt themselves while reading through material in the traditional linear way from beginning to end and transport themselves nonlinearly to related materialBandwidth space available in a medium to carry messages 5HVKDSLQJWKHQWHUQHWwifiwireless fidelity technology allows internet access anywhere through radio wavesDigital divide the economic distinction between impoverished groups and societal groups with the means to maintain and improve their economic wellbring through computer access those who can afford internet access and those who cant UWB ultra wideband is low power wifi system that rides on existing frequencies listened for other users the more people tap in the slower it isDynamic routing technology that makes every wireless device a vehicle for furthering a message along to its destination rather than moving in a structured network Mesh networking the ad hoc network created for each single message to reach its destination also called dynamic routingRPPHUFHDQGWKHQWHUQHWwhen the web was introduced as an advanced internet protocol its potential for commerce was clear almost right awayWorld Wide Web Consortium sets standards for web protocols and created the dotcom suffix to identity sites that existed to do business Dotcom bubble frenzied over investment in the telephone and internet infrastructure and also internet commerce in the lat 1990swhen the bubble burst for so many dotcoms most remaining sites looked to advertising rather than venture capitalists to sustain them economicallyHit tallied every time someone goes to a web pageVisit tallied for every person who visits a websiteClick through a registered visit to an advertising site from a gateway elsewhere on the internet 3XEOLF3ROLFDQGWKHQWHUQHW Blogs an amateur website generally personal in nature ofter focused on a narrow subject web concept is about opennessinformation could be shared easily by anyone and everyoneP3P a web protocol that allows users to choose a level of privacy platform for privacy preferences projectCyber pornography indecency delivered by computerSurf Watch software that intercepts indecent materialUniversal access giving everyone the means to use the internetMichael Geist Canadian expert on how new technology is affecting Canadian lawdiffusion of innovation process though which news ideas values and information spread the CRTC was the first broadcast regulator in the world to address the issues of controlling the internet1999 announced it would not regulate the internet at that time as it doesnt fall under Canadas Broadcasting Act
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