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Lecture 5

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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Lecture #5 Week 6 Film and the Canadian Imaginary Midterm is 85 questions - 2 hours Answer that’s most obvious is the right answer 10 questions are really hard to reward students that have been doing the readings If you have a general sense of it, you will get the question right Based more on lectures; factual information comes from lecture. Conceptional pieces are from text when the lectures and text overlap. What the chapters are addressing as a whole Don’t worry about dates that aren’t covered in class  for dates know within the decade it was in/era Final exam is not cumulative 13. Which of the following is NOT one of the ideals of media as central to democracy? a) The media is to act as a watchdog to authority b) The media is to be run by central enterprise c) central rights d) free speech History -1890s-first movies created by Edison Labs, William Dickson, and George Eastman -Vitascope patented by Edison -1896-First film in Montreal -1906-First movie house in Montreal -Can’t say one person created film because there are so any different components that contribute to it -1930s-Film industry exploded with ‘Gone with the Wind’ and other hits – still the highest grossing movie of all time -Also the era of the ‘National Film Board of Canada’ est. 1939 -Interpret Canada to Canadians – D.W. Griffin Economics of Film th -Dominated by the “Big 6”: Columbia, Paramount, 20 Century Fox, Universal, Disney and Warner -Produce movies that make money -Control the distribution channels; where it was shown and where it was blocked out -Produce entertainment that made the most money; goal was commercial -Big 6 now scouts out independent films as well. Ex. Slumdog Millionaire. Other ways to Leverage Profit -Licensing Fees – brand licensing. Sell imagery to other companies where they can make profits from it. Ex. Making Star Wars sheets. Sell the rights to separate companies. -Toys-content of film is towards toy making opportunities. Ex. Joker in Batman wears tight pants because baggy pants do not look good on an action figure. -Music-soundtracks -Product Placement-In ET he eats Reese’s Pieces
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