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Lecture 7

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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Lecture #7 Week 8 KW Post G20 Support -6 companies own 90% of Canadian print, TV, etc. -Most of our media is coming from mass companies -Independent voices need to be heard – independent papers – Laurier Cord -Media has a lot of power – one side of story is heard -Ex. Burning cop stories were in the background stories to do with G20, even if it had nothing to do with what happened that day -Don’t want to ‘piss’ off advertisers -Gatekeeping happens at the news source – want to be the first one to get the story out so that you have the credibility -Toronto legislation passed a secret – old – law that police can have 5 metres around the building as a public safety zone – they applied it to the entire city. ‘You’re in G20 land now, there’s different laws’ -Violent protestors was the bulk of news coverage -Need people to understand why people are protesting and being violent -Mainstream media vs. alternative – 5 private and CBC control media in Canada. Few independent voices out there and fewer critical independent voices. Crack down on university radio – not funding them. Ex. Ryerson radio station got shut down last year. Internet is owned by 3 companies that control the infrastructure and 2 of them are major media conglomerates – Bell, Sympatico, Rogers – ability to control what is being put out on the internet. Pushing for barriers for the free use of the internet. Want government to allow them to control the internet – like TV – have to pay to get certain parts of the internet. Have to start paying extra to get alternative news sources. -Still include burning cop car image -Need media to discuss topics, such as what the police are doing in respect to the G20 and how they treat citizens -Reporters are favoured if they present good information that is bias – they are then re invited to future summits -6 Laurier students charged in respect to G20 and are still in court -Won’t hear critiques that are happening in the mainstream press – not indigenous enough -Publication ban – cannot say a few things in presenting Essay Tips and Tricks -Indent and single space long quotes -Delineate your ideas from others, ex. the application of your ideas and what isn’t yours -Adopt a formal and precise tone. -avoid slang, generalizations and colloquialisms “as the years go by” “in the past few decades” “outside the box” -Don’t cite lectures, but read the textbook -Assumptions are not arguments or analysis and have no value – get proof -Avoid absolutes – all, always -instead use often, usually, predominately -Keep one voice – you, one, they -don’t change -Proofread 3 x -Flow (voice change) CS101 Lecture #7 Week 8 -Content (are your word choices clear and correct?) -Backwards (edit) You must: -Highlight your thesis sta
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