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Lecture 10

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Communication Studies
Natalie Coulter

CS101 Lecture #10 Week 12 Final Exam -In the University Stadium th -December 8 – Essay handed back and there will be extra office hours to do so. Times are on MyLS -December 12 – Arts hand back room -75 questions -2 hours -Multiple choice -Not cumulative -Nothing from David Gauntlett’s article on exam -Look in the front chapters for who wrote the majority of the articles WILL BE ON THE FINAL 42. PSA is short for what form of advertising? -Public Service Announcement. 19. Which of the following does not hail from Ivy Lee -evaluating financial relationships Top underreported story – Canada-Europe Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Media Effects -Can’t say ‘violent video games make kids violent’ Walter Lippman -Public opinion (1822) -“The mass of reading public is not interested in learning and assimilating the results of accurate investigation” -“The bewildered herd” -“The manufacture of consent” -Hypodermic needle approach – media has a direct and equal effect on people at the same time Bachelorette makes everyone have the same views on marriage  Choosing how you use it -Passive audience, monolithic audience – we just all passively sit there and accept the television show. All the audience is the same and is effected in the same way -Democratic -The media “does” something to us Minimal Effects Model -Two-step flow model – Media doesn’t immediately influence everybody but it does influence some people and then those people impact others – “opinion leaders” Problem: Still assumes a direct media impact -Status conferral/Agenda setting – Sets the agenda about what issues are important based on what they broadcast. -Narcotizing dysfunction – Not actively engaged but rather
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