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Lecture Feb 14 Signed Language - Studying Body Language

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Communication Studies
Darryl Burgwin

CS202 Feb 14 Exam is next week!!! Everything including today! Format: 3 parts, part one definitions (4 of 6) give an example and a related concept. Ex mutual gaze define, example, and related is civil inattention because it is a kind of mutual gaze. (20 points, or 5 points for each) Part 2: 2 short answers for 10 points. About an page single-spaced. Part 3: Essay questions, answer 1 of 2. Bring a bunch of concepts together. (20 points) 1hour and ½ to write the exam. Probably no lecture after but maybe a lecture before. Gestures cont’d. Signed English:  Signing in the order of a spoken English sentence  When an English speaker is signing as they speak they are using signed English.  James uses this in the movie.  Reproduces the grammar of spoken English not ASL Common function of SIGs(speech independent gestures) across cultures:  Interpersonal control: o Greeting or departing o Replying like ok or yes o Directing movements  Evaluation: o Compliments o Insults  Refer to one’s current state or condition: o I’m hot, I have a headache, I am full of food. Giving someone “the Toe” from Seinfeld. Speech Related Gestures:  Speech related gestures are illustrators  They are directly tied to or accompany speech  Different types: 1. Referent related gestures a. Refer to the thing talked about b. These may be either concrete things or could refer to more abstract concepts c. Drawing the shape of something, refering to the size (mimetic) d. Expansion and contraction gestures refering the breadth of a subject 2. Speaker’s relation to the referent gestures a. Positioning of the speakers palms show different orientations to one’s messages b. Palms up for more uncertainty c. Palms down for certainty d. Palm out and facing the listener for assertions e. Palms facing the speaker when embracing a concept f. Relate the subject to the speaker 3. Punctuation gestures a. Accent, emphasize and organize talk. They have a syntactic role. b. Hands are not the only part of the body used in punctuating or emphasizing c. The eye flash 4. Interactive gestures a. Use in the deliver of information b. Cite a previous contribution by the partner c. Encourage a specific response. d. Refer to turn-taking Frequency of speech related gestures  We find more speech related gestures in face-to-face conversations  They are also likely to increase when a speaker is enthusiastic or involved in the topic.  Speakers concerned with the comprehension of what they are saying will use more speech related gestures.  Speakers who are trying to dominate a conversation will use more gestures.  The speech content influences the number of gestures used. Like giving directions. Gesture and comprehension  The combining of gesture with speech has been found to increase comprehension  Gestures trigger images and linguistics cues in people’s minds and memories.  This hold for both the speaker and the partner. Movie notes cont’d: She is upset because she cannot sing. She is upset because she is jealous that she cannot sing like the other kids that have worked hard to be able to sing. They express their happiness by giving hugs. There are still the typical affection gestures like cuddling up. When he asks for more coffee, he asked out loud. She I think finds it embarrassing that she cannot speak. She would have to be able to have a translator. She can shuffle very well. She learns a lot from the book. She cleans out the house. I wonder if deaf can bluff better than hearing because there is no voiceing to change it. He is trying to speak out loud to her, but of course she cannot hear. She would have to do stuff so he can answer the phone. He has to translate the phone call for Sarah. He seems to mutter to himself a lot. I wonder if deaf kids speak to themselves in sign. Like we might communicate to our cat or dog? Or ma
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