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Lecture Feb 7th Facial Expressions - Body Languages

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Communication Studies
Darryl Burgwin

CS202 class four or five Week of Feb 7 Midterm after the breakDefinitions 45 of 68 relate it to other concepts two short answers about one page long and finally one of two essay questions About an hour and half to do it Both lecture and textbook basedFacial expressions and the social face Affect DisplaysFacial expressions that convey emotional mood and reactionLess under our conscious control than emblemsMay reinforce augment or contradict verbal messagesAffect displays vary from culture to culture and are governed by display rules that are product of socializations Display rulesDisplay rules are culturally influenced learned behaviourWe learn that some affect displays are more appropriate than othersSocial contact is an important determinant of what display rules are usedDeintensified o Strong surprise becomes weak surpriseo Control with what you are doingNeutralize an affect o Do not express what you are feeling o Like you will not laugh at a funeralOverintensification of an affect o Where we feel a weak emotion but over intensify the feeling o When you get a gift you dont want o Make mild emotions strongerMask an affect o You replace one set of emotions with a behaviour that covers it up o Smile when you are actually upset Styles of Facial ExpressionsStyles refer to personal tendencies in displaying facial expressionsThey can be considered personal display rules 1 The withholder a The face inhibits expressions of actually feeling states There is little facial movement Never show expressions 2 The revealers a The opposite of the withholder The face leaves little doubt how the person is feeling 3 The unwitting expressor a This pattern usually pertains to a limited number of expressions that a person may feel have been masked 4 The blacked expressor
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