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Lecture March 7 Object Form of Communication, artefacts and beauty -Body Language

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Darryl Burgwin

CS202 March 7, 2011 Objective forms of communication. Physical characteristics and clothing and artifacts. On Beauty: What is its position on the question of whether beauty is or is not univarsal. Do you agree with this position? Some universal rules of beauty. Ideal for baby, is scrunched face and small and helpless look. Good-looking babies, they stay good looking. Baby faced features remain attractive, but in a sexually attractive way. Two largest predictors in women are youth and health, full lips, and clear skin. Age range in max beauty? Youthful features exercises sexual attractiveness. Cupids bow lip=baby, and lower jaw is round. She has high check bones = adult. Make up were used in Egypt. They all attention to be on one area of the face. Bedroom eyes. Lips become full and redder. Make up makes us look healthier and younger. Runners with symmetric ears run faster than ones with asymmetrical. If your ears are more symmetrical, then your body is more symmetrical. Skin can be a reference of a person. Pythagoras and Devinci found a math equation for the best beauty. 1:1.618. Actually works. See all over the body. Pentagons are the most beautiful. More hair= younger. The Human Face: Problems  Older men do the talking  People in the beauty indutries do most of the talking  When there are a disagreement from the scientists, Elizabeth Hurly and other women seem to makes a strong claims, and the fashion people and disagree with the men.  Evolutionary arguments reduce human interaction to heterosexual mating for the purpose of procreation.  Video tends to reflect the value and nature of beauty in a consumer society obsessed with youth.  Result is female beauty is objectified. Like the 2D mask, and the beauty of interaction with people. It carries a bias of our current consumer-oriented culture: youthful beauty is the ideal.  Underplays the historical evidence of beauty. Models in the 1950s were round age 40 and were deemed beautiful. Physical Characteristics:  Those aspects of our face and body that are relatively consistent throughout a communicative exchange  We all know that humans are concerned with their appearance and the appearance of others.  Physical characteristics are taken as indications of beauty. Attraction:  Physical attractiveness plays an influential role in determing responces in interpersonal encounters.  We initially responed more favourable to those we precieve as more physically attractive  We judge people we perceive as attractive, as more successful and having a better personality. Attractiveness and childhood:  Small children look longer at women who are considered more children  More popular= more attractive=more intelligent  Studies that have proven this are done in many different situation and times. Self fulfilling prophecy happens and so they seem to more often help the children who are attractive. Pitfalls of attractiveness  Being seen as only attractive: whether you have other skills or not.  People think that the achievemet of attractive people are a product of their attractiveness.  Can be perceived to be vain, egotistical, snobbish, unsympathetic to those less fortunate than themselves.  Still, an overwhelming amount of research suggest that it is a social benefit. Human body and physical attraction: 1. Body type:  3 main body typ
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