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Lecture March 14 Clothing as nonverbal commuication, personal communication distance.

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Communication Studies
Darryl Burgwin

CS202 March 14 Clothing as nonverbal communication: Use APA format preferably. What is clothing for generally? -Protection from climate, weather, etc -Culture such as status, ritual, or identification. -Broken into two categories: functional (clothing protect body) and social delivers social messages to ourselves and other) -Function: -protect from weather -protection from other materials ex fire -Social: -initial impressions -similarities between in group members -distinguishes Clothing as a language?? Transmit social or cultural messages about the self and others. Therefore, it has often been compared to language. Cultural symbols?? Dress codes, certain times and places for things. Is this a useful metaphor? Is there a paradigmatic element of clothing? Yes we put it together in certain ways… can’t wear three shoes. Is there syntagmatic element? Yes, you can’t put certain colours together, as well, appropriateness. This creates certain messages: High-heels with skirt= clubbing. High heels with blouse =business. There is a limit to the language metaphor. There are certain encoding messages, but there are only a limited number of combinations, and expressions that produces the language. You cannot combine any clothing, ex a woman cannot go out shirtless. This is the established meaning. Clothing is based on pre-existing cultural knowledge. Clothing is a closed code, and a conservative code (It maintains over time). There is only allowing fixed messages. Clothing acts as a subtle
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