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Lecture Feb 16 Consumer Capitalism

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Communication Studies
Ian Steinberg

CS204 Feb 16: Report 2 is now due: March 14 . th Dual persons. Front and the back stage self. Front stage is what you edit and what you present to others. Back stage self is the one who you are. You create bonds with people when you show your back stage self. When we bring in media we must think how we communicate through media. Your persona is a parasocial aspect. It is a carefully front stage act. There may be some back stage elements on the stage. You have a mediate everyday practise where you operate and act in your everyday life cause it could be recorded. You can have face-to-face and mediate quasi-interaction, which means there is some technology that is putting you in the conversation every now and again. You on facebook are thinking about how to talk and to present your persona. Neyerowitz. Thought that because of technology people were starting to feel placelessness. Mediated togetherness. How we present ourselves is important, but we do things differently in different contexts. Micro-instances when you interact with someone. That moment when you get contacted… and how you react in these small instances. Macro-structures: Anthony Giddens wrote about the way social institutions affect an individual and how micro- instances
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