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What is ethnography and what are some examples of sites of study? - The practice of spending a lengthy period of time living in the field; becoming familiar with a culture, group; write a story about the people. - Example: Sarah Thorton’s work on club cultures (attitudes and idea of the youthful insiders whose social lives revolve around clubs and raves) Why would one want to conduct ethnographic research? - To get a better understanding of the workings of a particular group. - It gives a voice to groups that may not have had one previously. - There is the essence of the real and the authentic. In listening to and describing what people do in their particular contexts then we are getting closer to the truth than by analyzing texts. How does one gather data through ethnographic research? How can the researcher position him or herself? - External (to the group) or Internal (participant) - Participation and Observation - What people say – th
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