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Mark Petrick

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Excel Spreadsheet Tuesday, January 22, 2013 3:53 PM Spreadsheets • Organize data in rows and columns • Computerized version of paper spreadsheet benefits: • Eliminates much of tedium, calculations are error-free • Worksheet automatically recalculated when one value/calculation is changed • What-if analysis: allows users to change one value and have results instantly recalculated (useful in financial forecasting) Cells and Cell Addresses • Spreadsheet divided into rows and columns • Cell is intersection of row and column • Address of cell= column letter + row number (ex. B7) • Active cell- cell available to be edited at given time Contents of Cells • Label- provides descriptive text info about entries in spreadsheet • Value- actual number that is entered into cell • Displayed value- what is displayed in cell • Formula: instruction to program to calculate number • Function: preprogrammed formula Ranges • Group of one or more adjacent cells occurring in rectangular shape Spreadsheet Features • Width of columns/heights of rows can be modified • Headings can be created as wide column
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