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Wilfrid Laurier University
Computer Science
Mark Petrick

Word processors Sunday, January 20, 2013 8:49 PM Word Processing as a tool • Allows you to work with text documents • Creation- original keying in of document • Editing- making changes to document • Formatting- adjusting appearance of document to make it more attractive • Storing- saving document on disk • Retrieving- bring stored document into memory to use again • Printing- producing document on paper How it works • As you type, screen displays your work • Displays insertion point (cursor) to show where next character will appear • Word wrap automatically moves word to beginning of line below if there isn't enough room at end of line to complete world Corrections • Backspace key, delete key, undo command (reverses effect of last action- allows you to undo several actions) Formatting Features • Character Formatting • Boldface, italic, underlining (emphasize words/phrases) • Fonts- typfaces  Serif fonts- has short horizontal lines at top/bottom of letters (easier to read)  Sans serif fonts- no serifs (used for section headings/captions) • Line Formatting • Alignment- text can line up along right/left margin or centered • Tabs and indentation  Tab once to begin paragraph  Indent entire paragraph from one or both sides • Justification- evenness of text at side margins  Fully justified- text is even at both right/left margins  Left justified- text is even at left margin, ragged at right • Page Formatting • Vertical centering- adjusts top/bottom margins so text is centered • Margins define amount of white space on both sides & along top/bottom • Adjust margins, line spacing, fonts to squeeze/stretch document • Printing Envelopes • Use computer to address and print envelopes Other Features • Find command • Finds all occurrences of word or phrase • Find-and-replace replaces those occurrences with different word/phrase • Pagination • Displays page numbers in document • Print preview • User can view entire page on screen (can view more than one page altogether) • Gives better overall view than looking at one screen • Footnotes • Keeps track of footnotes entered and where (adjusts margins so it appears at bottom of page) • Renumbers if footnotes added/deleted, can be converted to endnotes and vice
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