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Computer Science
Mark Petrick

CP 102 Input, process, output, storage Data: facts, figure or idea Information: data organized in a meaningful fashion Bit: binary digit 0 or 1 Byte: 8 bits Each letter, number or character is a unique combination of 8 bits of 0 and 1 Hardware: any part of a computer you can physically touch Operating system: gives ability to connect to hardware Software: set of computer programs. Application software (like operating system) and system software Portable: notebooks, netbooks, tablet PC Stationary: desktop computers (separate case and peripheral devices), all in one computers. Mainframe: supports hundreds of users simultaneously Supercomputer: performs complex calculations very rapidly (physics etc) Embedded: self-contained computer devices performing dedicated functions, in car Input devices: used to enter data and instructions into computer: keyboards, mouse, stylus, microphone, camera, scanner Optical mouse: internal sensor or laser detects movement Wireless mouse: track ball Touch screens Monitor types: LCD, LED, OLED Pixel: grid point on monitor, made of Red Green or Blue Response time: how often computer refreshes image, computers flicker very quickly Touch screen: pressing on screen completes circuit by pressing together parts in the computer Printers: inkjet spray tiny drops of ink, laser printers use laser beams and static to put toner on page, non impact. Quality shown in DPI, dots per Inch. All in one printer, plotter for oversize images, thermal printer for mobile and portable printing Motherboard: main part tha
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