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Computer Science
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Mark Petrick

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th 25 October, 2013 Http method - ET Persistent connection - Stays connected - Send multiple requests. Web Browsers: - Knows How to use 3 diff. types of images. - Meant to display information. Cookies: - Since web browser doesn’t store all the data - Tracks you - Stores information about you - Stores the web pages- information about web pages that you visited, the items that you looked at, where did you go to next etc. - Harmless. But no sense of privacy. Web page authoring: - HTML conversion utility - Text editor: looks like notepad. Interactive web pages: - Fill in forms - Client side and server side processes - Filling in form- client side, once you click on continue it is sent to server side and look for errors and sent back to client to fix it. - Ex. Facebook games: done on a client side not on Facebook side. Once you’re done the level it goes back to client side - HTML: language of the web. - Html- web browser understands. - Java-1993- used to program a web Search Engine Basics: - GOOGLE. - Type the key word and show you the relevant sites. - Web crawler: automated to methodically visit web sites. - Search engine indexer: what’s the web page about? What are the key words? Send it to Google. - Query processor: specific. Figures out the important data base of key words. Track popularity of t
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