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Lecture 6

CT203 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Smallpox, Salmonellosis, Dependent And Independent Variables


Contemporary Studies
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James A Le Clair

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Week #4: January 26th, 2016
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Helminths (Worms)
Helminths are the biggest infectious burden on our species
o4,000,000,000 people have one or more intestinal worm infection
o400,000,000 have worms in blood, liver, lung, or other tissues
Worm infections are most serious in tropical countries
oNight Soil
oGuinea Worm Disease
Worms do not reproduce in our bodies; they complete their lifecycle, in part,
outside of our bodies
oAs a result, the number of worms that we contain is in direct proportion
to the number that enter our body:
Through the faecal-oral route
Indigestion of contaminated water or soil
Penetration of the skin
Through an arthropod (insect) bite
Helminths can vary in size from almost invisible to the naked eye, to >1m
(over 3 ft.) in length
They have found an infectious “home” in our lymph vessels, small intestine,
colon, caecum, rectum, liver, heart, lungs, gut, skin, blood, bladder, and eyes
oTradition Treatment: Dealt with by making an incision near the site of
the worm and attaching to a stick then giving it a slight tug
The worm can break o2 leading to infections
Since the body encapsulates the worm to prevent it from
going elsewhere in the body, if the sack is perforated there
is a very high chance of death
Prions are infectious proteins
Similar to viruses minus the genetic material
Assumed that they are like genetic mutations
Can be passed down from mother to child
oThey appear to disrupt the normative formation and function of
oIn brain tissue, they are protected from the immune system by the
blood-brain barrier (BBB)
Exposure control is the only known method to prevent infection and spread
oYou have to control what you eat
Cannot eat other humans 7esh, speci8cally the brains
Found in native tribes in Papua New Guinea
oBelieved that if you eat their human 7esh, you gain
the powers of others
Prions are the causative agents in BSE and vCJD
oSee mad cow disease
Problem comes with the way in which it was killed
Dr. James LeClair | CT203 Goldie-Anne Weiss | WLU | Winter 2016
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