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Contemporary Studies
Barry Stephenson

Ancients and Moderns November 28,2012 Week 12, weds T.S Eliot- The Wasteland Hurry up please it’s time: shows up lots in poem. Wasteland: Eliot’s idea that our culture is fragmented we jump from thing to thing and no solid core where we can integrate and organize our lives. Opening ipograph: translate it. Memory and desire: trying to do to you as a reader- trying to stir in you, echoes of things and a desire to figure out what they are. Poem opens with speaking about mixing memory and desire. Address to us, we have dull roots and spring rain” “isms” : 1880- 1920’s poem is published in 1922 Turn of 20 century- notion of isms. –culturally: artistic, political, social movements- impressionism (a movement in painting) cubism, surrealism, b) incredibly fragmeneted kind of period- culture fragmenting into smaller subcultures- big culture into smaller littler culture, and people tend to identify with one c) emergence of ism’s because people are wrestling with a new situation, responses to problems etc ERA OF MODERNITY (when modernity arrives historically- end of 20 century) industrial revolution, technology, urbanization, workers movement, emancipation of jews as citizens of countries, emcipation of women, All kinds of amazing things happening- but couple other thigns happening like WWI WWI- when it hits, it’s devastating, signal that something is not going quite right with European civilization. Shakes people to their core- European culture, beourgoise,
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