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Contemporary Studies
Barry Stephenson

Ancients and Moderns October 15, 2012 Week 6, Monday who's agave (female)? The mother of Pentheus Ino: Agave's sister Pentheus: agave's son, the king of thieves. Tragedy: Definition, Plot, Themes At least three kinds of meaning: can refer to works of art (bacchae is a tragedy), real life events and a worldview. Three uses are generally intertwined. If we consider the content of Greek tragedy, we find a number of themes: Fate and catastrophe Gods and heroes Reversals of fortune Pollution and sacrifice Horrible endings violence and purgation Tragedy points to the cluster of thematic material. Fear, horror, terror, pity. Aristotle famously suggested that this mix of trauma and sorrow could engender a powerful, cathartic experience in the viewer, so that tragedy served a cleansing, life affirming purpose. Judeo christian narratives: dante (author) the divine comedy comedy's work out, tragedy's don't. READING THE PLAY: DIONYSUS: divine son of zeus and semele, also called Bromius or Bacchus TIRESIAS: an old blind prophet CADMUS: grandfather of both Dionysus and Pentheus, an old man. PENTHEUS: young king of thebes, grandson of cadmus, cousin of Dionysus AGAVE: mother of pentheus, daughter of cadmus, sister of semele. Setting: play opens in front of a palace at Thebes, with a speech by Dionysus. Make notes of the scenes and lines in the play that seem to you especially important or confusing. Athens and Sparta (social context) 5 century athens- highpoint of greek culture play emerges in the context of a) athens coming into it's own in a political aesthetic power wealth and power shifted from rich and wealthy to families and the people. Rise to greatness- pretty innovative and exciting time to be alive. Things start to decline due to warfare etc. Euripides: Born in 484, well respected and influential athenian family. Bacchae was written by him in self imposed exile in his 70s -Post 9/11 world? Dionysus: Principal
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