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CT253 Lecture Notes - Euripides, Scientific Revolution, Mercantilism

Contemporary Studies
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Barry Stephenson

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CT 253- Ancients and Moderns
September 10th, 2012.
Week 1
Painting on the left: School of athletes by Raphael
Right: The garden of Eden, by Michaelangelo
Slide 2:
Ancient: Fall of Roman Empire
Medieval: Mercantilism (Economic), Scientific Revolution, Enlightenment?
Modern: Industrial Revolution
Post Modern: Digital world we're living in now. Starts in 1968 with student riots in Paris.
Cultural Memory
Canon, classics (canons and classics are all written by males and therefore could make the argument
they're tools for patriarchy), literacy
Slide 3
The critique
Slide 4: quotes
Slide 5: Chesterson: In order to figure out things, listen to the voices of the dead.
Slide 6: Three Goals.
Slide 7: Romeo and Juliet.
Slide 8: painting.
Slide 9: Thucydides
Slide 10: Thucydides
Slide 11: Modern Identity- bring what's back there and make it relevant today.
Slide 12: Greece Rome (Homer, Euripides Palto, Ovid)
Judaism (Genesis, Job)
Christianity (Mark)
All to western civilization.
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