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Lecture 2

CT253 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Theogony, Fertile Crescent, Documentary Hypothesis

Contemporary Studies
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Barry Stephenson

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Ancients and Moderns
Sept 17th, 2012
Week 2, Monday
Genesis Continued.
Israel is around 1000 B.C
two really big cultural entities surrounding israel: Egypt, and Mesopotamia.
Fertile Crescent that goes through many different countries. Cradle of Civilization.
Read first eleven chapters
Hypothesis: genesis is a collection of diff. Books is known as the documentary hypothesis.
sexual desire tied in with shame.
The first murder
on one hand you have god defining how to slaughter an animal for a sacrifice and on the other hand
you have him saying “all these sacrifices are making me sick”
complicated cultural history in a sense of worship and how that related to sacrifice etc
Part of this is people suggesting god is learning what pleases him and what doesn't please him. Finding
out the ropes on his own.
“Not only are these humans I made eating fruit I told them not to, they're killing each other”
After he's been experimenting he makes the rules “Thou shalt not kill” etc
CBC ideas
How to read the bible
Writing assignment,
compare genesis with hesiod's theogony.
Note differences.
Respond in a personal way to one of the sections (flood, murder, temptation etc) has to integrate some
of the ideas presented in class.
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