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Wilfrid Laurier University
Contemporary Studies
Barry Stephenson

Ancients and Moderns September 24 , th Week Three, Monday Book of Job Continued: summary: Job is super rich, and a godly man. he has all this cattle and livestock. Children are killed, fields are lost etc. God physically puts pain on god to see if he will curse him. Job doesn't god, he asks him for an answer. God talks to job through a whirlwind. God doesn't give a direct answer, he switches the subject. That's pretty much the only answer Job gets. Job makes amends. Notion of the Sacred: refined, elevated, holy divine, if we see the sacred we may think that. Historically though: Latin: Sacer (Sacker) it means blessed and cursed, holy and reviled. Sacred is closely connected with traumatic and violent kinds of things. (sacrifice etc) What do we make of all that? Rene Girard: literary theorist, philosopher. “Violence in the Sacred” developed ideas that if you look closely in the Sacred, a lot of it is violent kinds of stuff. There is a connection between trauma, disaster and sacred. (9/11 and new memorial) Girard talks about connections between religion, violence and how the sacred goes together. Job is about a historical moment about distinguishing good violence and bad violence. Job's friends “you've done something to deserve the suffering you have” innocence is based on religious background. After job is hit by trag
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