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Contemporary Studies
Barry Stephenson

Ancients and Moderns September 26 , 2012 Week 3, Wednesday Gospel of Mark sacrificial crisis: when the realization comes that you're scapegoating an individual to alleviate your own wrongdoings. Origin of the gospels: jesus lived- most historians agree. One way to read the gospels is to gain info at what was going on at the time. Early christianity was propagated through word of mouth. After decades stories were finally written down. Helenistic era: greco-roman era was so pervasive. Lots of biographies of important figures. Military and political leaders. Oral --> Written Key forces that encouraged writing, collecting and authorizing of gospels in the early christian community. In 67-70 C.E jews in palestine lost a war with rome, with their final defeat in 135 C.E The christian movement migrates out of jewish homelands into the surrounding gentile dominated culture The teachings of jesus include the idea that the coming of the kingdom of god was expected in the lifetimes of his disciples. Word of the gospels: religious syncretism: bringing in different culture (language, customs values etc- similar to multiculturalism) there were genocidal practices going on, destryoing of temple, deforested forests to build crosses to crucify people on. “Roman Holocaust” God A key question that living in this era of the Roman Shoah provoked within the Jewish world had to do with the nature of God, in particular, his interaction with the people of Israel. national God, one quite willing and able to raise his hand against the enemies of Israel, in order to fulfill the covenant he had established with Abraham and his descendants. The Lord quite readily killed the armies of the pharaoh in assisting Moses to free his people from bondage in Egypt. Israel was conquered first by the Assyrians (740-720 B.C.E.) and later the Babylonians (597-587B.C.E.) – interpretation? Jewish were srtuggling with the idea that god leads everyone because they were struggling with the promised land etc. After 9/11 many were reciting the same thing. S
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