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Lecture 5

CC100 Lecture 5: Crime and Criminology

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Andrew Welsh

Crime and Criminology o Edwin H. Sutherland o Sociology of law, Scientific analysis of the causes of crime, Crime control o Cesare Lombroso: argued about born criminals: Biological perspective of criminology o Theory argued that violent male criminals have an abnormal XYY chromosome Defining criminology o An interdisciplinary scientific study of crime and criminal behaviour, including their form, causes, legal aspects, and control (Criminal behaviour, motivations, our reactions to it) School violence o What questions would a psychologist ask about school violence? o Mental illness, health problems – brain tumor, genetics o What questions would a sociologist ask about school violence? o Family background, upbringing, relationships, familial issues, rough community, weak social bonds o These can also come together NORMS: Acceptable standards of behaviour shared by members of a particular group or society (Prescriptive function) Deviance (The breaking of norms) o Behaviours, beliefs or characteristics that many people in society find or would find offensive and which provoke, upon discovery, disapproval, punishment, condemnation, or reality. Deviance exists when o Violation of a social norm o A person or persons who engage in the act, express the belief, or possess the condition o An audience to judge and evaluate the normative violation o High likelihood of a negative social reaction Societal deviance o Actions and conditions widely recognized, in advance and in general to be deviant o High consensus Hegemony o The predominance or pre-eminence of one group and its values over other groups Situational deviance
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