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Thomas Fleming

Intro to Criminology – Lecture 1 9/17/2013 11:51:00 AM o TA Crystal Shor o RAC 226 Thurs. 1-4 o [email protected] o Basics of Criminology o Scientific study of crime, criminology and the criminal justice system o The law should not be changed only based on one crime happening, e.g. teen girl in Toronto killed on school bus. Law constructed on one case is a bad law o Emile Durkheim he studied suicide. Why do people commit suicide? He looked at the statistics and also started to ask questions. Looked at it scientifically. o o What is a crime? o People believe that committing a sin against God causes deviance. o Black is associated with being a widow. Witchcraft. The sins of the father, your parents sin against god or, satin influences you. o o Different forms of Law o Behavioral norms, the way we are expected to act. Lining up in England meaning you have your place in line, you cannot cut ahead. Norms can lead to laws. o o Victimology o Is the study of victims o Victim witness assistants o Started in the 1970’s o o Dark Figure of Crime: All the crime that is committed but is not reported (fear, not serious enough, embarrassment) o o In Canada all crime statistics are reported to Ottawa (stats Canada) o If you are reckless to what will ensue you will be convicted. o o Sociology of Law: looks at the structures of society, power relations in society o o Malainse Crimes: Crimes of themselves or in themselves. o o Mala Prohibita- crimes committed by statue or legislation o Intro to Criminology – Lecture 2 9/17/2013 11:51:00 AM Basics of Criminology Heinous crimes – universally criminal events (rape) Consensus View o We all agree in a majority with what has been criminalized and what the law prohibits o People still break the laws such as being on a cell phone while driving, j walking, speeding Conflict View o Argues that there are various groups that are fighting for power, who has the power to make law? What is a Crime? There are two elements to a crime 1. Actos Reus – means the act, has to be proven 2. Mens Rea – the mental element, you must prove the individual has intent to commit the crime (the guilty mind) Beyond the reasonable doubt – prove that it did occur Circumstantial Evidence – direct evidence (eye witness is the best if reliable) o o Partial Defense: Does not relieve you of all responsibilities (provokes) o Intoxication: is not a defense, it use to be o Self Defense: you can use reasonable force to defend the attack o Insanity: they do not know right from wrong, mentally unstable o Automatism: being asleep while you are committing crime (sleepwalking) Ex. Ken Parks o Caused by stress, recognized medical condition o Sexsomnia: extremely rare, form of automatism. Having sex with someone but they are not awake. o Consent: mainly dealing with sexual assault (rape), only two sides the victim and the offender. Sexual assault with injury, or sexual assault without injury/death. Did the victim say yes? o Mistaken Fact: you thought something was legitimate but it was not and was stolen o o Deterrence : the existence of criminal laws deters us from criminal activity o Specific Deterrence: trying to deter the individual from criminal act (habitual offenders) o Stigmatization: is a marking that indicates they have been involved in criminal activity (deviant behavior) o o Victimless Crimes: Invented by Ed Schor. There are certain activities between two adults that are consensual but they are criminal o Research Methods 9/17/2013 11:51:00 AM Survey  is a blunt instrument, you collect a lot of data very quickly and it is fast to a
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