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Lecture 3

CC202 Lecture 3: Dr. H. Holmes & Jane Toppan

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Thomas Fleming

Serial Killer Documentary: Wellknown serial killers: o Jack the Ripper killed around 15 people o Dr. H. H. Holmes killed hundreds of people He was brought up in a rich family when one day an individual put skeleton fingers on his face and rather than being horrified, he liked the experience. This caused him to become interested in the human body and researchedabused animals At the age of 18 he got married and went off to university to become a doctor. He would research the bodies and bury them or put them in places which would look like an accident Even though he had not divorced Clara, he remarried the daughter of a wealthy business man He had elaborate fantasies of executing many people He began to work as an assistant of a pharmacy in Chicago and the owner of the store suddenly disappeared and he began to have a good income Across from the store he bought a large building, which is now called the house of horrors The upper two floors had execution chambers, and many rooms where he could hear the screaming of his victims The basement was for dissecting human bodies, which also accompanied a furnace to burn the bodies. He gave the skeletons of the people he killed to universities. He advertised jobs for especially young women who would show up be robbed and disappeared o Jane Toppan It is my ambition to kill helpless people She loved to see the life fall out of the eyes She injected lethal doses of morphine and other drugs into her victims to kill them This made her feel powerful Someone who has experienced trauma and abuse are often A couple adopted Jane after her father and sister were admitted to a hospital due to insanity. She was happy and when 19 she was engaged but left by her fiance She went to nursing school and became amused with the human body When graduated she started murdering people. She killed an entire family and was sexually aroused when her victims were murdered. She was found and put into a mental hospital where she died.
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