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Lecture 5

CC202 Lecture 5: William Burke and William Hare

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Thomas Fleming

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Multiple Murder William Burke and William Hare This happened in 1827 Lived in Scotland The most famous case in criminal history in Scotland Both Irish and served in the army o Many serial killers want to be in a position of authority (cops, military, etc.) They scratched up to 17 victims in Edinburgh In 1827, it was a rough city. This is 60 years before Jack the Ripper (Standards of living or completely different) They moved into a boarding house and the owner of the house mysteriously died after they moved in. Donald, a lodger in Hares house, died of dropsy shortly before receiving a quarterly army pension while owing rent money. The pair decided to sell his body to one of the local anatomists; A carpenter provided a coffin for burial which was to be paid for by the local parish. They go to the university and ask if someone wants to purchase the body for research. Hare goes up to talk a student from the school and asks how much money he would get for a body. The university buys the body, since the chance of researching a body was very rare. (The only time this happened was when a criminal was executed in jail) One of Dr. Knoxs assistants told them that he would be glad to see them again when they had another to dispose of. Wed pay more for fresh ones o He was the professor of anatomy o His lectures were amazing done in a theatre o They would have a body and discuss the anatomy of the body o This was the start of the research in anatomy o He needs bodies but not a lot of people are being executed They both liked to drink and after a short time the money ran out. They came up with a scheme to kill people. 13 in total Next victim is a woman who they get really drunk. Come back to my house and well drink more They give her more alcohol and they smothered her. (The one sat on the chest and the other holds his hand over her mouth) They brought this body to the university once again They start doing this: Resurrection men go to the grave yard and dig up bodies o They go at night and dig a small hole where they can pull the body out of.
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