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Lecture 9

CC202 Lecture 9: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng & Female serial killers

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Thomas Fleming

Leonard Lake and Charles Ng In June, Leonard was arrested for shoplifting. When he got to his car he was apprehended by the stores security He was arrested and when they were going to question him he had died o They found a cyanide capsule They went to his home, which was outside of the city. He lived on a large plot of land. They found a little house or bunker on his property o One of the detectives realized very quickly that there was a hidden room in his house There was a TV in his house and many gruesome videos showing torture and murder He did this together with Charles Ng; a 24 year old. They believed that they could survive a nuclear war They started with relatives, friends, neighbors and other acquaintances They started advertising job opportunities and they killed the people who showed up They were vicious and cruel. They would pretend to let them go and then hunt them down like animals They could sexually assault, torture, and murder their victims while recording everything Charles fled to Alberta o He is apprehended in The Bay and he is arrested since the security guard shot him in the leg. o He is wanted in California. You cannot deport a person to be hung; this is illegal. They show them the videos and documentation that says they need to let us take him back o They release him at the airport since his crimes were very serious. He is taken back to California. o He fires his lawyer and he fires the second one as well He tries to defend himself. Orange country goes bankrupt Evidence was also found in Lakes diary o Many jurors needed therapy after watching the videos shown in court. They put them in steel oil drums and crushed the bones in the dust. Female Serial Killers Research done (explaining a woman serial killer): Slovenly in appearance, around 30 years old, no criminal record, no torture, and usually kill with a gun Serial killer: Alieen Wuornos (She is not the first serial killer, she is the first one to kill with a gun like a man serial killer) Before 1900, 10 of female serial killers after 1990 it was 90. 1. The population is growing 2. Police are better identifying them (DNA)
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