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Jennifer Lavoie

Psychology October 19, 2012 Week 6, Friday criminality in many cases may simply reflect being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people. Fundamental attribution error the tendency to discount the influence of situational factors and explain behaviour by referring to the personality of the actor instead. E.g rioters in vancouver are, reckless, troublemakers and mean hearted. Self serving bias: The tendency to attribute good hings about ourselves to dispositional factors and bad things to events and forces outside ourselves. E.g performing well on an exam attributed to your intelligence, performing poorly on an exam attributed to poorly designed, tricky test. Crimes of obedience: “a crime of obedience is an act performed in response to orders from authority figure that is considered illegal or immoral by the larger community e.g holocaust Milgrams experiment: Design Studied the amount of electrical shock people wiling to administer to others when ordered to do so by an apparent authority figure Subjects were male, 20-50 Told researchers studying effects of punishment on memory “Teacher” and “Victim Learner” (confederate) victim learner strapped to chair in presence of teacher teacher placed in 2 room with simulated shock generator (30 toggles, 15-450 volts) Each time the learner gave an incorrect answer to learning task, the
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