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Jennifer Lavoie

Psychology th october 26 , 2012 week 7, class 2 blood relation, violence and murder in the family. Homicide: a highly serious crime, death ultimate victimizations. Yet rare (only 1-2% of total violent crime) Human need for stimulation -produces arousal, vicarious excitement Functional, adaptive, informative Curiosity, exploration helps adjustment to environment -identify danger signals, dangerous circumstances fascination with violence: Yet, excessive exposure to violence is dysfunctional Desensitize to human suffering e.x observational learning theory Continuous coverage make violence appear more WIDESPREAD than in reality. “Availability Heuristic” Mental shortcuts used to make a quick inference about the world e.x judging frequency, probability of events Judge odds of an event by the ease in which instances can be readily brought to mind. Event more likely if more examples thought of. Based heavily on the most RECENT information from media. HOMICIDE: FBI crime classification manual typologies: four major catergories Criminal enterprise murder Personal cause murder Sexual homicide Group cause homicide. Criminal enterprise Killings done for material gain Money, good, access to territory, favours Examples: contract killing, gang motivated murder, kidnap murder, product tampering, insurance motivated murder, murder committed during the commission of another crime (rape, burglary) PERSONAL CAUSE MURDER committed under emotional upheaval, conflict or passion Precipitated by general altercation or argument Examples: domestice violence, argument murder, revenge killing, hostage murder. SEXUAL HOMICIDE murder that has a sexual component in the situation/dynamic that leads to murder Organized (planned, rape kits), disorganized crime scenes (sloppy, hurried) Examples: sadistic murder: Col. Russell Williams GROUP CAUSE HOMICIDE committed by two or more individuals who share common ideologies or belief systems Examples: Cult murder, extremists (political, religious), group excitement. Shafia Murders “Honour Killings” Kingston, 2009 Three afghan immigrants found guilty of murdering four family members and dumping their bodies in the Rideau Canal According to the FBI crime classification manual, which of the four typologies best fits the murders in the Shafia Case? Family Violence: Definition: One household member causing injury or death to another member residing in the same dwelling. Emotional, psychological violence, and physical elements. Also called Domestic violence. Isn't just between spouses, can be between child and parent. Child abuse: Maltreatment: 1 in 7
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