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Jennifer Lavoie

Psych th November 9 , 2012 Week 9, friday Mental Illness and Criminal Justice in Canada Violence and Mental Illness Longstanding link between mental illness and violence- media exaggeration Most violence committed by those w/o SMI Research studies: Psychosis: 50% greater risk or perpetrating violence Attributable effect of serious mental illness is SMALL 3-5x more violent than general public Males vs. Females? Much greater risk of being violently victimized 2.5 times more likely than general public. Factors to perpetrating violence among SMI Substance Use Past history of violence, criminality Psychopathy -Affective-interpersonal defects, anti social lifestyle Cluster B Pds -Anti social, borderline, histrionic, Narcissistic T/CO delusions Stressful, impoverished, unpredictable living conditions with little support. Who is at risk for being a victim Patterns of violence similar whether mental illness present or not Violence generally aimed at family and friends rather than strangers -typically spouses At home, not in public By men against women Criminalization of mentall ill: Crime rate is declining, yet... Dramatic rise in MD accused's -Ontario 31% annual increase – 31% calls for service involve mentally ill person (VPD) Deinstitutionalization Closure of residential psychiatric hospitals (1960's) Failure to develop adequate community mental health services. What is the forensic system? “Forensic” means connected to the law or the courts -mental health system and criminal justice system Mental health and legal systems intersect at many junctures -E.g arrest, trial, connections. Civic Committment Mental health act -provincial Voluntary committment Involuntary commitment -72 hours for assessment – risk to self, others, unable to care for self AT THE TIME OF THE OFFENCE suffered from a disease of the mind that prevented the accused from: appreciating the nature and quality of actions OR knowing it was wrong M'Naughten Rule (1843) Killed a man who he thought was England's prime minister, persecutory delusions of gov't acquitted due t mental illness, committed until death (22 years later) Most MDO's do not meet this criteria Most NCRMD please are unsuccessful Case: Vincent Li Greyhound Bus- manitoba, july 2008 Tim mclean- beheaded and cannibalized Schizophrenia: God's voice told him mclean was a force of evil and was going to kill him Found NCRMD “Greyhound Bus Killer” Fitness to stand trial: State of mind at the time of trial proceedings Presence of mental disorder affects performance of any of 3 psycho-legal abilities 1) understanding the nature of proceedings 2) Understanding the possible consequences of the proceedings 3) communicate with counsel Requires LIMITED cognitive capacity Most accused who are mentally disordered are found “fit” Assessment and Make Fit orders Remand fo
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