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Lecture 6

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Thomas Rose

- when put into practice, restorative justice seeks to guide us in the development if new conflict resolution dispositions based upon restorative justice ethos that lead us toward improved communication and creativity MediationandCommunityMediation - 1970’s was a time when many people experienced disenchantment with the formal law - the courts were viewed to be inaccessible, and courtrooms were perceived as spaces of combat, where there could only be winners and losers and nothing less - the community wanted to return to its former way of working - communities developed justice centres, community credit unions, neighbourhood based health and food cooperatives SanFransiscoCommunityboards - one of the most studied examples of community justice VictimOffenderReconciliationandVictimOffenderMediation - proposed that as part of the sentence, the offender had to approach the victim and offer to make restitution for the damages done CoreElementsofVictimOffenderReconciliation  establishing a safe environment preparation  voluntary participation  face to face encounter  follow up Circles - are regularly cited as a method used by several aboriginal groups who live in what is now North America - it is an occasion where a community is assembled to discuss matters related to and a possible resolution for an injustice that took place in their midst - all participa
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