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Lecture 1

CC212 Lecture 1: cc 212 The Corporation video

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Christopher Anderson

The Corporation video • Impacts and possible futures on the corporation • Lack of control over the big corporations. A few bad apples? Or an industry full of bad apples • Corporation is like a family unit, they work together • Some may say, corporations are monsters trying to devour as much profit as possible • The word corporate and agenda go hand in hand with some people • What is a corporation? A group of individuals coming together to achieve a goal, one goal being to make money • Modern corporation comes from the industrial revolution which started in 1710 • Used to have everything they did in their charter (how much they made, what they do, their goals, gift of the people to serve the common good) th • The 14 amendment was passed to protect newly freed slaves but was mostly used by corporations. Their lawyers used it to apply those rights to capital and property and stripping them from people A legal prison • Corporations by law, are obligated to put profit over everything else • When outsourcing to other countries, workers are paid very little (10 cents per item) • Something happened in 1940, the ability to synthesize and create new chemicals in unlimited quantities that have never been possible before at virtually no cost • At first things were fine
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