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Lecture 10

CS100 Lecture 10: CS 100 Lecture 10

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Communication Studies
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Jade Miller

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Music Ability Lost
-“then what of the national throat? Will it not weaken? What of the national chest? Will
it not shrink?”
-when a mother can turn on the phonograph with the same ease that she applies to
the electric light, will she croon her baby to slumber with sweet lullabies, or will the
infant be put to sleep through machinery?
-loss of the industries that are important: dance orchestra, singers
-decimated industry - new ways of music/creating/songs that could only be made
because of sound reproduction technologies
-nostalgia: i miss the past and I'm afraid of the future because of technology.
-people are not genuine anymore because of new technology
-people dancing like zombies
Telephone and Early Radio: Sound Transmission Technologies
-mass culture
-1876: invented
-1878: first telephone exchange. The telegraph: translates electronic pulses from one
telegraph from another. Telephone: reproduces sounds
Building a Bell Monopoly:
-monopoly builder
-flat rate vs. message rate
-lease equipment vs. selling - continuous billing
-less risk
Uses of Telephone
-transmitting sermons
-broadcasting news
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