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Lecture 2

CS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Technological Determinism, Burning Man, Snowmobile

Communication Studies
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Jade Miller

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CS-100 In-Class Notes Clicker Frequency -- AA
Week 2 (January 15th) Technological and Cultural Determinism
Readings: Pacey, Winner
The Culture of Technology by Arnold Pacey
o Relationship between technology and its use (main theme for Pacey reading)
o Role of technology (ex. cellphone not using it in the same was as your
o Recording, taking pictures, sending messages, surveillance, etc.
o Is teholog ultuall eutal?
Pacey says definitely not
o Look at the web of human activities surrounding the machine
Its use
Its image
What supplies it needs
What skills users need
o If its to be any use, (technology) must fit into a pattern of activity which
elogs to a patiula lifestle ad set of alues
o Clicker: Pacey used a snowmobile as the piece of technology for his piece
Video: Hand-powered Ferris Wheel in Bombay
o Using their bodies to power the wheel, not electricity
o Cost-efficient
o Physical fitness is prized (no need for electricity manual labour instead)
o Easier to install
o No technical difficulties
Video: Hovding Airbag for cyclists
o Shock absorption
o Blow-up helmet to save cyclists from impact
o Acts as an airbag for your head
o Protects the head
o Fits into peoples lives meets their needs (this type of technology)
o People have other needs something to protect them but also be fashionable,
compact, etc.
o Not sold in Canada developed by Swedish
o Powered with compressed gas
Pollution sensitive EPA dress
o Dress wrinkles when exposed to polluted air
Video: Spider Machine
o Developed for someone to use at a festival to look cool (which is a human need)
o Burning man 2007
What is progress?
o A measurement of whether you are advancing towards that specific goal
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