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Lecture 6

CS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Narcissism, Multiple Choice, Technological Determinism

Communication Studies
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Jade Miller

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Feb 10th
The Printing Press Revolution
Society that developed printing onto paper first = China
Carter: Chinese Block Printing:
oStandard inexpensive paper
1st century AD in China
12th century AD in Europe
8th century AD in China (Block printing)
15th century AD in Europe (Printing Press) Movable type
Printing in China:
Lots of characters, the characters had to be clay
Clay was dried into blocks
They created blocks of images
*Enforces the point of not one linear progression, but to look at the ways in which the society
grew to make this piece of technology
EU Pre-Print: Scriptorium:
When there were books, but not movable type
Majority of type was scriptorium
Copies of certain manuscripts
They end up looking very similar to books
There are not only texts written, but also pictures and embellishments
Takes a lot of planning, writing the 1st and last page of the p=book on the same piece of
All privileged roles
In this era, all 3 of these roles were experience by anyone reading the book
Eisenstein: Age of the scriptorium
Books as an internal entity, without guidance to provenance
Knowledge as a prerequisite
Known via a “half oral half literature culture that has no precise counterpart today”
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