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Communication Studies
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Ian Roderick

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Communications 101 11/19/2013 12:37:00 PM
Course Outline:
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Left side Course Outline
What is Communications?
Defining Communications
Transmission --------------------- Sharing
Communications as a one-way Communications as a collective
process process
What can we say about these definitions?
Marriam Webster -> more so on the transmission side
- trying to get away from square try definitions
Communication can include…
Visual or graphical
Uses of Communication
Information gathering, storage, retrieval and dissemination
Persuasion, Propaganda and publicity
Individual attainment (people get self satisfaction)
Communications Studies
Bus Commutations. Vs. Com St
Paul Lazarsfeld critical vs. administrative orientation
Administrative, Practical, Vocational
Sound Engineer
Web Designer
Art Director
Critical, Creative, Facilitative
Media relations officer
Radio Producer
Copy editor
Advertising account manager
Communications Studies is…
Is a broad discipline that incorporates both social sciences and
humanities perspectives to consider the role of communications in
the on going production of social relations
Two extremes find a middle ground
Why study Mass Communications?
Marshall McLuhan
o Radio, cinema, and television as a classroom without walls…
Evaluation the Analogy
The curriculum?
The students?
The Instructors(s)?
How accurate as
The mass Communications Process (*)
Term comes into use in the late 1930s though the characteristic
associated with mass communications have already been
recognized and understood
o Large scale distribution and reception
o Seemingly one directional flow
o Asymmetrical relationships between producers and consumers
o Impersonal and anonymous
o Content is mass manufactured and standardized
o Profit motivated primarily
Transmission Model
Who (communicator) Says what (Message) -> in which channel
(medium)-> to whom -> with what effect
Shannon & Weaver telephone game (by the end of it all, often there are
things that interfere)
Top-down models and their variants can be referred to as:
The hypodermic model
Magic bullet model
From Linear to Looping
Action Modify Action / Collect sensory information Feedback
The models get complicated!
What they all have in common?
Everyone is reactions the same way, we need to find a middle
We need to move beyond the preoccupation with ‗bad‘ messages
Significance on Mass Media
Mass media have become:
An essential element in the processes of liberal democratic politics