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Lecture 1

CS 351 Lecture 1: Week 1

Communication Studies
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Jeff Heydon

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Week 1 – Day 2 - Jan 6th
Why We Need Humanities
The ongoing assault on humanities education by means of free
escalation, widespread closure of programs, and such extreme steps as
the legislative outlawing of Ethnic Studies in Arizona, has pushed
matters beyond the erosion of budgets and positions to a paradigm
shift – Mirzoe( 29
Art History and Visual Culture
Perhaps the most speci+c use of visual culture as a concept comes as
an umbrella for contemporary art and visual arts production – Mirzoe(
In European universities, this use of visual culture is substantially a
critique of art history, whereas in the global South and the Southern
hemisphere, it is often a means to level the intellectual playing-+eld
between indigenous and European art practices – Mirzoe( 30
oStylistic di(erence between the two cultures
What is ideology?
oDefensive complex of western culture
oPeople study things for a long period of time therefore their
opinion is more valued
Visuality is thus a regime of visualizations, not images, as conjured
by the autocratic leaders, whether the plantation overseer, the
general, the colonial governor, the fascist dictator or the present-day
‘authoritarian leader’ – Mizoe( 30
oHow we are represented
oHow we are depicted through the leader and how the leader is
It is also the attribute of bureaucratic and structured regimes, from the
imperial administration of vast swathes of the world’s surface in the
nineteenth century of the US-led military global counterinsurgency of
today – Mizoe( 30
oWe are reluctant to question the source of information esp. when
it is from the government
The Panopticon
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