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Lecture 4

CS351 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Interconnectivity

Communication Studies
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Jeff Heydon

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Week 2 – Jan 11th
The Event of Seeing
Optics – Rene Descartes
Our Senses – p. 333
“The conduct of our life depends entirely on our own senses, and since
sight is the noblest and most comprehensive of the sense, inventions
which serve to increase its power are undoubtedly among the most
useful there can be”
oTelescope – the ability to stretch the functions of the eyes
beyond its natural/evolutionary capability
oNoblest – Sight allows us to make contact and take in information
that are beyond the limits of our physical form
“It speaks for itself”
And it is di"cult to #nd any such inventions which do more to increase
the power of sight than those wonderful telescopes which, though in
use for only a short time, have already revealed a greater number of
new starts and other new objects above the earth than we had seen
there before”
oExposure – the looking, watching and seeing
When you take things for granted it is because you are familiar with it
Previous experience can hinder the evaluation of new scenery
oReacting according to instincts
With sight, we can mistake things for what they aren’t
Locations – p.336
“We know … that it is through the nerves that the impressions formed
by objects in the external parts of the body reach the soul in the brain
For we observe various accidents which cause injury only to a nerve
and destroy sensation in all the parts of the body to which this nerve
sends its branches without causing it to diminish elsewhere”
oInterconnectivity – Senses trying to compensate
oEx. Phantom pain – Feel pain in a limb that is no longer there
Memory, perceived wholeness of the body,
oAbility to recreate whole experiences and manage the
experiences of living in the absence of senses that we were born
Fundamental to organisms
Ex. A car if you take a part out won’t be able to function
without it and it cannot adapt to the loss on its own
Limitations – p. 336
For since their conception of the images is con#ned to the
requirement that they should resemble the objects they represent, the
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