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Published on 21 Nov 2012
EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics Page 1 of 5
Economics 120 Introduction to Microeconomics
Fall 2012
Lecture Sections
Day and Time
Tu.Th. 10:00 am
P. Sinclair
Tu, Th 11.30 am
P. Sinclair
BA 101
Tu.Th. 1:00 pm
O. Mesta
BA 101
Tu.Th. 2:30 pm
R. Tahir
Mon.Wed. 11:30 pm
P. Sinclair
Mon.Wed. 4:00 pm
R. Jefferson
Wed. 7:00 pm
O Mesta
Administrative Assistance
Ms. Leysa Ligaya in the Economics office (Peters Building, P3082) can assist with course
administrative matters. Please see Ms. Ligaya to submit documentation for missed tests or for grade
Accessible Learning
Students with disabilities or special needs are advised to contact Accessible Learning at their home
University (i.e. UW or Laurier) regarding its services and resources. Students are encouraged to
review the Calendar for information regarding all services available on campus.
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EC120 Introduction to Microeconomics Page 2 of 5
Textbook and Aplia (available at bookstore)
The text for the course is Mankiw, Kneebone & McKenzie, Principles of Microeconomics, 5th
Canadian ed, 2011. In addition we are offering an optional online practice test called Aplia.
Your access kit for Aplia (an electronic study guide) is included with your textbook or can be
purchased separately at the bookstore. You can access Aplia at
To register for Aplia, you should go to and click Create a New Account and
enter the course code which is L35M-48BB-VHSD and then follow the instructions. (The course
will say instructor Peter Sinclair, but it is for all sections). When you have created an account, you
will be asked for the information on the Aplia access kit that you bought. The first week you can
access practice and instructions on Aplia. The second week, the mandatory work will begin.
Course website:
The course website is My Learning Space. Your default username and password are the same as you
use for Novell, i.e. the same as you use for email.
The course website has announcements, grades, lectures and information on tests and exams.
This course uses clickers extensively. You must buy a clicker (which can be used in other classes
as well) at the bookstore. Before you can use the clickers in the classes, you must register it.
Clicker Registration
You are responsible for purchasing your clicker from the Laurier Bookstore.
You are required to register your clicker online via MyLearningSpace
( When you login you will see a course called “Clicker
Registration –Fall 2012”. To register your clicker, follow these steps:
1. Enter the “Clicker Registration –Fall 2012” course by clicking on the title
2. From the homepage, click on the “Click here to register your clicker” link
3. Begin the quiz by clicking the “Start Quiz” link
4. Enter your 8-character serial number (located on the back of your clicker, under the
barcode) into the text box. SAVE YOUR ANSWER and click “Go To Submit Quiz” then
click on “Submit Quiz”
Please note: Failure to register your clicker in this way may result in loss of clicker marks. You
MUST complete the quiz to have your clicker marks assigned to you. If you registered your
clicker in previous terms, you MUST register it again for this term.
Please direct any questions about this process or about clickers in general to clickers@wlu.caA
clicker troubleshooting station is available at the help desk in the library.
You will be able to confirm your clicker registration within the “Clicker Registration Fall
2012” area in MyLearningSpace. Please watch the News for information on when and how to do
this. Please be sure that you enter the ID number correctly and do not confuse 0 zero and 0-
the letter.
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