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EN218 Lecture Notes - Gwendolyn Brooks, Necrophilia, Surrealism

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Cindy Mc Mann

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February 1st, 2013
Lecture 12 missed 11
Boy Breaking Glass Gwendolyn Brooks
- Negotiating reality
- Stress that isolation is a result of a great divide between people’s experiences
- Minor 3x’s (music, age)
- Cultural divides = people living n the same city don’t even share the same
- Speaker is whole while rest of poem is fragmented
- Process of becoming aware = beautiful
- After 8th or 9th line of a sonnet, the voice and method of expression totally
- Poetry was very serious in 50s/60s because poetry had to be liberated from
- Poetry as a means for social change
- Significance of certain things to find truths and concepts of universe
- But now…
Ode on Necrophilia - Frank O’Hara
- Did not take poetry as seriously
- Form/content
o Taboo sexuality
o Parallel to homosexuality
o Satire (O’Hara is gay)
o Structure
Falling apart
Stairs going down to crypt
Love them is visual and metaphorical center (someone love
them is the casket itself)
Could be stairs down into lowest morality or permissiveness
o Play on the sense of ‘underground’
- Genre
o Ode = elevated, meditative, dealing with lofty thoughts and feelings,
formal regularity, public work that you share with others, praising
people or concepts
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