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EN218 Lecture Notes - Weather-Related Cancellation

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Cindy Mc Mann

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February 11th 2013
EN 218
Lecture 16 (snow day for lecture 15)
Pg. 109-113/pg. 113-114 (Allard and Nett)
1. Who has power in this section?
a. Longshoe
i. Situational power
ii. Knowledge, agency, powerconsequence (nothing to lose))
iii. Physically powerful
iv. Survival
v. Solidarity
b. Allard
i. Positional power
ii. Authority, status, agency
iii. Systemic representative
2. What creates power? How might power be defined?
a. See above
3. Why does Clark have to be sacrificed? Is his sacrifice necessary for power to
a. Crisis of power where Longshoe would have no info to withhold if
Clark didn’t get murdered
b. El Raheem loses power throughout play, but gains self-empowerment
c. Disturbs hierarchies, destabilizing, doesn’t fit in
d. Corruption…threatens to expose corruption of system (system of
power is a corrupted exercise)
e. Sacrificed for audience
1. Who has power in this section?
a. Allard
i. Situational and positional
ii. Knowledge
iii. Agency
iv. Choice
v. Power is institutional
vi. You have to exert your power in order to keep your power
vii. Legitimization of power
b. Nett
i. Nett and Longshoe function as potential scapegoats
ii. Appealing to a different solidarity
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