EN280 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Paradigm Shift, Body Politic, Wab Kinew

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12 Feb 2016
EN 280 Jan. 5th
Intro Lecture
“Raven Travelling”
- CBC shutting down comments pages on ID news articles
What was this country like in 1491?
- Book by C. Mann:
- 1491 conquest, meeting of cultural directions in North America
- Attitudes still present in society today
- Read material culture
- Paradigm shifts, challenge facing us at the beginning
- People without writing
- Static image conjures an entire image
-Bill Reed: carving of raven opening a clam shell
Who has power, agency here? Who is capable here?
- Relationship: human civilization being birthed by non-human
- Larger forces of ecology at play
The Raven that Steals the Light:
drawings also done by Reed
- Prime Minister statues at the WLU Campus
- Large discussions and problems with it
- More galvanized push back on PM statues rather than 3nancial
Why is this?
- Participate in long-standing, contemporary conversation
-Raven: trickster, god, creator
- Epistemological leap, paradigm shift in this class
-Joseph Brant and the Technicolor Dream Boat: musical?
- PROJECT: aluminum quilting
- About the process of making this art project, beautiful
- Iterative, collective, public
- Coyote: another trickster 3gure
Canadian culture/society: ‘the future(s)’
- Ojibway scholar Wab Kinew: “because reconciliation with Native
People is still the most pressing social justice issue Canada
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