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EN119 Week 7 Lecture 1

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Andrea Austin

Week 7 Lecture 1 – February 26 , 2013 Last day - Historical context - Dracula as a response to that context (class conflict) - Genre: gothic and “moral panic” - Vampire hunters Cultural function of the gothic - The gothic genre functions as a context specific expression of cultural anxieties, and embodies these as “monsters” o Victorians were afraid of Today - Dracula, the “monster” - Innovation, scientific and technological The “monster” - Aquiline, arched, lofty, profusion, fixed, sharp, white, pallor, power, privilege - Aristocratic blood line - Money, power, privilege Vlad Tepes (Vlad Dracul) - Pointed ears, teeth, facial features o Animalistic Eponymous - Defines and describes a work of fiction which takes its title from the main character - Ex. Hamlet is an eponymous play; Tess of the d’Urbervilles is an eponymous novel - Dracula is the title even though he is not the main character Van Helsing – blood Dracula – primitivism Seward – phonograph Mina – typewriter Various – mesmerism Circulation – documents, etc, circulates amongst the group, round, continuous etc. - Progress o Looking forward - Privitism o Looking backwards Blood transfusion picture - Constant transfusions but where is the blood going? - Every time this is done to Lucy there is danger towards her - One character, one hero, one circulatory force, mingling of blood
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