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EN119 Week 8 Lecture 1

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Andrea Austin

Week 8 Lecture 1 – March 5 , 2013 Last Day - Dracula and new sciences/technologies (blood transfusions, mesmerism; phonograph, typewriter) Today - Genre – literary schemata – feature/function – being pushed further o Broken contract; evolution o Historical romance o Pirate story In media res - Free indirect style: a style of narration in which a character’s thoughts, feelings, and words are conveys in the third person, even though the focalization is consistent with the first-person perspective. o Mary is the protagonist o In third person o In first person, but disguised as third person  Intense signature emersion  Mary is involved in everything that happens in the book  Third person novels usually touch on the point of views of others, however this book always goes back to Mary o Why not use first person?  Cause its difficult to do that for one character only  Dracula could not use third person because it was written with journals from different point of views Historical Romance - A narrative built on historical fact and details which chronicles life in another time (“period piece”), and showcasing a particular place (region). The historical romance is characterized by a tone of intrigue, a romance plot, and frequently, a degree of lyricism. 1. setting, built - Historical novels are based on historical facts - Get the details right - Bring the history to life
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