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Andrea Austin

Week 3 Lecture 1 – January 22 , 2013 The Hobbit Fantasy: Not an animal fable, not a folktale, it is a myth based tale set entirely or in part in a secondary world, somewhat familiar, but featuring magic and/or the supernatural and addressing primarily archetypal figures, locations and movements. Fantasy, though including a wide variety of characters, themes, styles, and foundational premises, is characterized by the primary tone of Wonder. Formal Features 1. Plot - Episodic - Memory is important - Early story tellers are not interested in creating suspense - Linear episodic structure o Ancient structure - Quest line o Some adventures Bilbo goes on are linked together o Some aren’t link and stand on its own 2. Character - The Hero (Bilbo) o Small and unlikely in this case o Talent for mischief o Transformation of becoming a hero, witnessed before our eyes - Picaresque o From the Spanish “picaro”, a story which recounts the episodic escapades of a rascal who lives by his wits and wears a mask of false bravado  Perfect definition for Bilbo Baggins o Pg.49 Gandalf describes Bilbo in a negative way  Chosen as the one who makes peace  Has more in him than anyone knows, Gandalf is right 3. Mo
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